Time Tracker IOS Watch Kit App

Hey Everyone!

I have started to create some cool apps(or at least trying to create) for IOS WatchKit recently and noticed that it is way too different than IOS iPhone apps. Here I share Clock – In && Out watch app which records your time and gives you feedback for your time tracker.

repo: https://github.com/rozeridilar/TimeTrackerWatchKitApp


Swift 4 Skeleton Project

Hey everyone!

Here is skeleton project for our swift projects with mvc, shared folders and some objective C libraries(for UI animations- ProgressHUD etc.)

This project is also base of angela yu’s project!



Alsoo, here is common auto layout issues both programmatically and Main Board Solutions:



Things are Changed!

Hey Guys!

I have noticed that it has been a very very long time that I did not write anything. It is because, when I started to find a solution for my problems in software, only place that I find is in stackoverflow : )

I have already given my replies and solutions in there, so I will not write it back here.

Instead, I think I will use mostly instagram. Follow me on instagram as @codingoals 💻

Hopefully, you will enjoy being here!