How to limit number of characters for your textfield?

Hey! Limiting number of characters is really easy if you have standard keyboard. The link below offers so many options for this prob:

But these options werent fit for me. In my case, I had custom keyboard…
The solution I found was pretty satisfying.
I wrote a function to check max length of a text field. Then I checked this func every time I added character to my textfield.

  @IBAction func addBtnLabel(sender: AnyObject) {
         txtFieldPlateNumber.text =  txtFieldPlateNumber.text?.stringByAppendingString(sender.titleLabel!!.text!)        checkMaxLength(txtFieldPlateNumber as! UITextField, maxLength: 14)

    func checkMaxLength(textField: UITextField!, maxLength: Int) {
         if (textField.text?.utf16.count > maxLength) {

//To delete backwards.
 func deleteLastCharacter(){

        if (txtFieldPlateNumber == 0) {
             // textField is empty
             print("text field is empty")
             var name: String = txtFieldPlateNumber.text!
             var truncated = String(name.characters.dropLast())                       txtFieldPlateNumber.text = truncated

   Thinking simple, creates simple solutions. 🙂


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